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Grasoft POS PRO

This point of sales software is best suitable for shops that runs both retail and wholesales concurrently. It is user friendly and easy to use. It has accurate sales and profit reports as well as inventory stock reports.

My School App

Our school management system is a stand alone and server client configurable software that takes administrative records of students, staff, assessment, fee payment with SMS notifications. The software also generates a wide range of reports for administrative use

Alpha Report Maker

Our report maker helps schools to keep records of their assessment and mock scores information to generate terminal reports for students.

SMS Master

Our bulk SMS integrated  application is best for individuals and organizations to help them disseminate information at a much more faster, cheaper and convenient rate. With our SMS Master software, you can send single, bulk messages as well as schedule a message to be sent at a later date and time

Bursar Master

Take administrative control of your schools fee payment and allocation as well as staff salary information

Grasoft Laundry Manager

Record,manage orders and send SMS to clients when their laundries are done. Keep tabs on all orders in your report section

Thumbs Up E-Voting System

Take your organizations voting to the next level by using our E-Voting solutions either by voting at designated centers or online. Lets go paperless